As of February 2021 I am a software engineer working on compilers at Cerebras Systems.

Before that, I was a senior algorithms scientist at Path AI, where I worked on computational digital pathology.

Before that, I was a software engineer at Google where I worked 80% time with the Hotels team on data analytics and 20% time with the operations research team on linear program solvers.

Before that I studied at the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME) at Stanford University, where I worked with Lexing Ying. My thesis research was focused on fast algorithms for scientific computing, in particular fast linear algebra based on data-sparse representations of rank-structured matrices that arise from physical problems in 2D or 3D. Between my PhD and my current position I was at the Flatiron Institute as a research fellow in computational neuroscience.

More broadly, my interests include:

  • numerical linear algebra
  • numerical optimization
  • machine learning
  • signal processing
  • spectral graph theory
  • data analysis
  • high-performance computing

Previously, I did my undergraduate work in mathematics and electrical engineering at Tufts University, where my advisors were Scott MacLachlan and Douglas Preis.

My graduate funding was generously provided by the Department of Energy through the Computational Science Graduate Fellowship program (CSGF). Through them, I have had the opportunity to work at a number of DOE research laboratories:

  • Argonne National Laboratory (summer 2010 with the PETSc team)
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (summer 2012 with the computational mathematics group through the Cyber Defenders program)
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (summer 2014 with ANAG)